Friday, July 8, 2011

CCOC group photos

CCOC in front of Musikverein

Haydn Hall


Paige and Kristen


  1. re: the Globe & Mail article: I have sent an FYI letter to the editor . . . hopefully, they'll print it!

    Yaryna's Mother

    Dear Editor:

    I would like to acknowledge the achievements of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra at the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna. This is truly great news! Your article, however, does not mention two Canadian choirs that also placed first and second at this festival in Vienna. First place went to the Victoria Childrens' Choir and second place to the Canadian Childrens' Opera Company (based in Toronto). Both of these choirs also performed at the winners' gala and all were feted by the City of Vienna.

    These young Canadians have truly highlighted young musical talent in Canada showing the world that our musical youth are a force to contend with!

    Congratulations to all three groups on their achievements on the international stage!

  2. How absolutely wonderful!!!!! Paige and Noah Harrison..... I'm so proud of you!!
    LOVE, Lizzie